Develop .NET applications for Symbian OS

I recently came across a product by RedFiveLabs that allows builders of .NET applications to deploy their products on Symbian clients. Coming from a pretty strict .NET background myself, I found their product NET60 very interesting.

Also check out their demo on how simple it is to package .NET applications as .SIS so it can be deployed on the Symbian S60 devices.

The NET60 platform is the RedFiveLab’s effort to port the .NET Compact Famework from Microsoft onto the Symbian S60 operating system for smart phones.

My take on their product is a bit conservative. I already know that smart phones are usually running over not-that-fast processors,and do not have a whole lot of memory to work with. My question would be, why install a .NET framework on top of Symbian OS, Would it not be worth the effort to develop either C++ based applications using Carbide or Java applications which seem to be a norm with most smart devices like the Symbian based phones.

Although it does give an edge to microsoft based products to be available on Symbian based devices. It is a tempting thought to at least try it out. When I do take the time out and develop something. I shall definitely put it up here for all you Symbian users. 🙂

To work with NET60 you will need:

  1. Visual Studio 2005/2008. If you don’t have a licensed copy of either versions, you can look at the Express version available from http:/
  2. Download the evaluation version of NET60 from
  3. Have a look at what RedFiveLabs say about .NET framework from
  4. Have a look at the demo for using NET60 from

Disclaimer: I have not personally used the product and I am not endorsing their product. I am just sharing information. 🙂