Manifesto for the Sensible Party

The Sensible Party (a working title)



My goal is to bring Pakistan into the 21st century and prepare it for the 22nd century. This I believe should be the penultimate goal of all the people of Pakistan. We are ultimately here to serve our nation. By honestly and fairly serving our families, our neighbors, and fellow citizens we will in turn serve the great nation that we are.

We are too dependant on other organizations and nations assistance for solving our problems. We have uncontrolled growth of corruption at all levels. There are many social and economic factors that has lead to this situation, and is continually feeding this horrible situation.

I have not problems with individuals and families and groups of people becoming financially independent. I am interested in the disenfranchised huge majority who are living under the poverty line in our nation. I am interested in the huge number of families who are slowly being driven towards and below the poverty line.

There is one and only one way this nation can become a strong and proud nation.

We all work together for the common national goal. We all work together and sacrifice our way of living in comfort and disconnected with the state of the nation. By improving the conditions of the nation and the people in the nation we will improve the social structure, economic state, political state internally and become a proud nation who will have some clout in the international circuit.

We have become a nation of pushovers. We have become complacent to the status quo. We have started depending on the opportunities that may be present abroad in developed countries. It is of course not the faults of other nations for having an attractive standard of living, and earning potential. It is irrefutably our fault as a nation that we have not developed our nation to make it attractive for other nationals and nations to come to our country for work and business opportunities.

We are divided. We think our neighbors, our co-workers, our provincial brothers and sisters are out to stab us in our backs. I feel this is a divide and conquer psyche that the enemies of our nation have encouraged to their own benefit. We are Pakistanis first, then we are Sindhi, Punjabi, Pakhtun, and Baloch. We are Pakistani first, then we are Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, Agnostic, and the myriad of other religions. We are first Pakistani, then we are Leftist, Rightist, Authoritarian, Libertarian.

Pakistan is first priority! Everything else comes a distance second.

We need to be a hard working, hardy, determined nation. We need to look adversity in it’s eye and defeat it. We need to be a nation who relies on the collective and individual intellect and not on emotions. Emotional reactions to values, beliefs, ideologies close to our hearts are inevitable, however, we should make sure that  all our reactions are tempered with cold, calculating and flawless logic. We need to start using our heads for what it was given to us. Think, Think and Think, think till your heads hurt. Weight possibilities, opportunities, goals, strategies.

Think not about tomorrow, but all the tomorrows after that tomorrow. Think, Plan, and Execute. Each step we all take from this point onwards is towards a common goal, the strengthening of our nation. Our plans should be at minimum 50 year plan. This is applicable to all aspects of our society. Our children’s education, our businesses, our careers, politics, national policies, international policies. At the end of tomorrow, we should have goals we should have achieved, or taken concrete steps towards achieving, and we should have planned goals for the 51st year in our national plan.

Crime begets punishment. However, we have learned through history, no matter how harsh or penultimate the punishment, crime will always exist. We should all put our heads together and figure out why we have crime, what motivates a person to take this road of crime. We all are responsible for each criminal’s existence, either directly or indirectly.

Till date, treason has been loosely defined as a crime which directly puts the nation’s sovernity and independence in the line of danger. I propose, very strongly, that we amend this definition as follows.

  1. Any action, direct or indirect, even in-action, which brings harm to an individual or a group of individuals if the nation of Pakistan is a crime against the nation. It weakens the nation as a single whole. Therefore, all such actions or in-actions are to be treated as treasonous acts.
  2. Any action, direct or indirect, even in-action, which brings harm to the nations sovernity, economic independence and strength is an act or treason.

We as a nation are responsible for our country. There are no excuses, no reasons, no justifications or arguments that may be tolerated otherwise.

The biggest problem with this agenda is, that it addresses a small minority of the nation of Pakistan. The population that can read and comprehend the English language. It is up to us, the small minority, who can read and comprehend this language. It is up to us, the small minority, who have the education, exposure, experience, insight, foresight to be able to make well thought out and appropriate decisions towards the improvement of this nation we call Pakistan.

We are running out of time. Soon, in the scale of decades, this self proclaimed proud nation will be on it’s knees. The economic structure will have broken down completely, following that the social structure will break down. This is the path to anarchy. We will end up in the age of feudalism, every man for himself. We will be at the mercy of our adversaries. We will become the laughing stock of this world we are a part of.

Some of you may believe I am being too harsh. Perhaps I am being too harsh. I have watched the goings on in Pakistan for a couple of decades and I have seen no permanent change in the people, in the national leaders, national policies, economic state that I can actually be proud of and hold my head up high.

I am requesting all of you who are literate and educated, all of you who are thinking people, all of you who have ideas, all of you who can discern right from wrong, good from bad, to take up leadership roles. May it be only in your own neighborhood. That’s where the change will start. Stop complaining, starting solving problems.

We all are the few people in this country who can actually make a difference. We all are the few people who have the foresight and intelligence to see that folly of the decision making and leadership at the national level. We need to put our needs aside, we need to put the nation first. We need to stand together.

I have seen what we are capable of. I have full faith and belief that we can be a proud nation, we can be economically independent in this world. We have the raw materials available, we have intelligent and hard working people. We are a proud people. It is high time we gave our nation something to actually be proud of.

There are naysayers out there who will find flaws in this ideology, in this manifesto, in this plan. I invite them all to help me in developing a proper plan for our nation. I am the first to acknowledge that I do not know all and my thinking process may very likely have shortcomings. Therefore, I need all you naysayers and opposition to come sit with me and put our combined intellect together and figure out how we can over come the obstacles that you see in front of this plan.

I invite you all to be ready for shouting and screaming matches in the beginning. I know I am prepared for it. We all are intelligent people, we all have ideas that we feel are brilliant. However, the agenda is to put together a set of plans on the scale of 50 years to a 100 years. The plans will outline agreed upon goals for five years, ten years, twenty five years and 50 years.

The first five year will be highly defined, activities, tasks, goals defined on a weekly basis. We will be held accountable for our commitments. In the fourth year, we will plan out the next five years, evaluating the previous four years, and making adjustments to the original plan as we go along. Everything will be transparent, information accessible to the people. There will be no secrets. We will be held accountable for our decisions and actions.

You all must appreciate that we will have immense opposition to our efforts. We will make these oppositions public a matter of public record. We will hide nothing. There will be no closed-doors secret agenda.

All our activities, time and efforts are towards one and only one entity, the nation of Pakistan.

We are all Pakistani. We are to serve our nation. We care not what the world thinks or says. We invite our critics and opposition and dialog with them, to get their ideas on how it will work.

I see a proud and economically strong nation. Not now, but 10 years from now, maybe 50 years from now. I probably won’t be alive to see it happen. But I will die at peace if I know that the people of Pakistan are taking care of it’s home land. I will die at peace knowing that we few people have started making changes to the way we look at our country.

Following is a list of items that I want to make a priority. These are goals that I want us to achieve. In 5 years I want to see this happening. We all need to start working together, putting our expertise, experience, ideas together for the common good of the people.

The 10 Point National Manifesto

An initial draft for the people of Pakistan

  1. Education
    1. All Education is Free.
    2. It is mandatory for everyone to attend school up to at least grade 12.
    3. No one is exempt from the right to Schooling.
    4. Parents/Guardians are responsible for sending children to school.
      1. Upon failure to do so may lead to criminal charges raised against them (parents/guardians).
    1. All schools will maintain the minimum standard accepted internationally.
    2. All schools will maintain the same timetable throughout the nation.
    3. The schools will be audited.
    4. Schools will involve parents in the education/schooling process.
    5. There will be state run schools and state regulated schools.
    6. Education is a business with national growth as an ultimate goal. It’s profits are measured in the quality and quantity of man-power that is available in the country.
  2. Healthcare
    1. All healthcare is Free.
    2. Everyone, regardless of economic strength will be provided the highest quality healthcare services.
    3. No one will be turned away from health care service.
    4. All service centers’ standards will be raised and normalized.
      1. Clean environment.
      2. On time treatment.
      3. Individual treatment.
      4. All centers operating to same standard.
  3. Employment
    1. Employment opportunities will be created in all sectors.
    2. Operations will be expanded in all sectors.
    3. Unemployment benefits will be provided.
      1. Amount calculated according to merit.
      2. Amount calculated according to need.
    1. Salaries normalized and standardized.
      1. Meet current cost of living.
      2. Meet needs.
      3. Meet Ability.
      4. Government Sector salaries will be of public knowledge.
  4. Taxes and Deductions
    1. Information on all taxes/deductions will be declared to the people.
    2. All spending from such funds will be declared to the people.
    3. All government bodies will declare their expenses to the people.
    4. All revenue will be tracked through out all projects.
    5. Independent audit will be done periodically.
    6. Non-Payment of government taxes will be immediately penalized.
      1. Criminal Charges.
      2. Social Service.
  5. Judiciary
    1. Judiciary will be strengthened.
    2. Made more effective and efficient.
    3. Number of courts increased.
  6. Law Enforcement
    1. The Law Enforcement bodies will be made more independent.
    2. The standards raised.
      1. Officers Education.
      2. Uniforms and Offices.
      3. Jails and Holding Cells.
    1. Inter-body cooperation raised.
  7. Economy
    1. Investment by foreign and ex-pats will be insured.
    2. Small Business loans will have lower markup.
    3. Economic Policies will be made friendly to long term investments.
    4. Dependence on Relief Packages/Funds/Loans will be ended.
  8. Housing
    1. Housing will be made affordable for all.
    2. Land monopolies will be investigated and abolished.
      1. Criminal Charges.
      2. Compensations.
    1. Land prices will be controlled.
  9. Utilities
    1. All utilities will be made affordable.
    2. Prices will be controlled.
    3. Non Payment will be penalized.
      1. Penalty will be based on per case basis.
  10. Freedom of Press/Media
    1. All press and media will be free.
    2. Held accountable for what is printed/aired.
    3. May be shut down if partiality/bias/inaccuracies shown in reporting factual information.

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