Who is Responsible?

Today while walking to work I was thinking. What if there was a riot outside the building I work in. The area where I work in is not a business center of my city, rather it is amongst the high profile political centers. Therefore it is likely whenever the “people” decide to stage a demonstration, they target such areas.

Last time there was a “peaceful demonstration” here, the riot police was called out and without cause we — the non demonstrators — were treated to the riot control’s generosity … Tear Gas.

Now you know the background I am talking about.

So, I was thinking, I’ve parked my car away from the roads, and is protected behind a shed (plastic sheets, and corrugated cardboard panels). If there is a damage to my car, who should I send the repair bill to? Should the government be responsible for protection of my property? Should the Police be responsible? Should the opposition be held responsible? Should the rioters … oops … I mean “peaceful demonstrators” be held responsible?

Then in my imagination (it is kinda creative) I send the bill to the government. My logic being, the riot control is there to control the riot and put all involved in jail. The opposition has a “ligitimate justification” for not being the responsible ones — “What can we do, we’re not in power” — that leaves the rioters themselves. I crossed the rioters out because fools will be fools will be fools. At this point I was only left with one choice. The Government.

My reasoning for sending them the damages bill are:

  1. Every month, an amount is deducted from my salary in the name of progress, facilities and Internal Revenue Service.
  2. This money I give to the government so I can have:
    1. Clean living environment
    2. Crime Prevention and Control
    3. Safety of my family and my person

That is why I am paying the government. I am not paying the government to build fancy offices, drive fancy cars, travel in embarrassingly large groups, talking sans intelligence.

What I want from my government, the opposition, the left overs is a peace of mind. I want to be assured that all criminals will be taken care of before the act. That means, I can leave the doors of my apartment wide open and I won’t have to worry about theft, I can leave my car anywhere and no one is going to damage it. Most of all, I can go to work assured that the government is actually doing all it can to make sure I don’t lose my job because of uncertainty and lack of confidence from my clients, I want to be able to work without worrying that the electricity will become more expensive, where my salary doesn’t increase. I want to be assured that when I leave my wife and children and go to work, nobody will hurt them, I want to be assured that the services and facilities that are provided to me meet some acceptable standard.

Which politician will give me that? which government will give me that? Am I assured that I will get a fair trial in any court in my country? Am I assured that the government is actually doing all that should be done to improve the standard of living of my people? Is it doing all it should be doing to improve the level of education, strengthening the industries, improving the health care programs.

Is there a party or an influential group of people out there who are capable of objectively convincing me that they are doing all of this.