Rainbow Arc in the Morning – Again

What is the likelyhood of this happening within one week ??

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These I have not scaled. I’ve added the original and the one edited to enhance the colors. I almost missed this one. Again, around the same time as last one, around 0815 Hrs in the morning, on 29 November, 2008. Just three days apart.

The first is the original, cropped 96 pixels from the right side of the image, removing part of the pillar that was coming in the way. The second is edited using Gimp, same as in the earlier post. I first saturated the image 100 percent, then moved contrast up 50 and reduced brightness to 50. I think it enhanced the colors at bit.

Morning Rainbow II

Morning Rainbow II

Morning Rainbow II - Edited (Saturation +100; Contrast +50; Brightness -50)

Morning Rainbow II - Edited (Saturation +100; Contrast +50; Brightness -50)


Male Lyre Bird Song – BBC Wildlife

The male Lyre Bird sings to attract females. This rocks! Amazing what a guy will do to get a girl.

Original video is available on youtube.com. Commentary by David Attenborough.

Amazing! Bird sounds from the lyre bird – David Attenborough – BBC wildlife

How many of you guys remember this man and his voice. It is one of those voices from my childhood-early teen days. He has that deep story-telling voice. Calm, soothing, relaxed, whispering.

Anyway you gotta see this one.

The link above cannot be embedded. I did a search for David Attenborough on youtube.com and came up with this embeddable video 😉

David Attenborough’s #1 TV Moment

Rainbow Arc in the Morning

Today in the morning, around 8 in the morning, my daughter, son and myself were standing besides my car waiting for it to warm up. The morning was not as cold as I would have thought it would be for the middle of november. When, while looking around, I noticed something really amazing. It was a small arc of a rainbow in the clouds.

The really interesting thing about this is that, it has not rained in quite a while now. I guess you had to be there.

I just had to take a picture and share it.

The original image is 1600×1200 so I reduced the size. I then couldn’t resist fiddling with it, and hence the second picture. The picture was taken with the 2.0 Mega-Pixel main camera from my Nokia 6210 6120 Classic. The picture was scaled and some filters applied using Gimp for windows.


Rainbow arc in the Clouds, left of the Sun

Rainbow arc in the Clouds, left of the Sun

Manipulated Rainbow arc in the Clouds

Manipulated Rainbow arc in the Clouds

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