IE vs Chrome vs Firefox

There are so many browsers out there. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox have been the mainstay on my machine since the begining. More recently, I have also started using Chrome.

With all the different features and approach to user interface design, security, tabbing experience, stability, availability of addons/plug-ins. I feel that these three browsers are pretty much head to head.

There is still one thing that I find misssing in both Chrome and Firefox. The Scroll Bar Right-Click Context Menu.


Composite image for the scroll bar context menu

Composite image for the vertical and horizontal scroll bar context menus.

[ IE8 + Zune Theme + XP Professional + SP3 ]

For some this small feature may be insignificant compared to the other measures of personal satisfaction. And, by no means I am challenging their opinion. However, at times I keep getting drawn back to IE, simply because this small feature allows me to quickly scroll back to the top of the page.

This context menu for the scroll bars is available throughout the Microsoft products, including the Operating System.

I have another HDD with Ubuntu on it, IE and Chrome are not available there, so sad. But, I am exceptionally happy with Firefox on Ubuntu. I have mentioned in a separate post some of my essential Firefox add-ons, that was for Ubuntu.

Somehow I feel that it would be really fun if Microsoft upped the ante in the Browser Wars and introduced IE8 for Linux also. It’s not that it’s not possible, or Microsoft does not have the man power to do so, neither is Microsoft “afraid”. I think it is more of a numbers game, supporting a team of developers to maintain a free version of IE on non-MS platform. There is no revenue in that.

I would have expected Google to have launched a Linux version though. Perhaps at some future date they might, but it wouldn’t be the same doing it later.


My Essential Firefox 3 Addons

As far as add-ons are concerned, for any software, I am picky and selective in my choices. Over my experiences since Firefox 1.x I have been trying out a number of add-ons that I use almost on a daily basis.

Here’s a list of my current add-ons:

1. Download Statusbar by Devon Jensen

2. Fission 1.0.3 by Zeniko

3. Tabs Open Relative 0.3.3 by John Mellor (Jomel)

4. Toggle Menubar 1.1.0 by vald3m51

All you are most welcome to share your thoughts, and any suggestions based on these four add-ons are welcome.