MD5 Collision Creates Rouge Certificate Authority

I read this last night on CrunchGear.

It was bound to happen. The beautiful thing about this is how they achieved it. Using PS3 Cluster. 200 Nodes at ~$400[1] means the people spend around ~$80,000.00 on the nodes. Plus change for networking, rack etc. would bring it up to ~$100,000 and some change.

Well, considering, the cumulative mips, or number crunching power, I think it is far more cheaper and affordable than buying a super computer or a real enterprise class cluster.

[1] Based on David HM Spector’s comment on the article above.

My own analysis says.

If you want to keep something secure, make sure no one except no one has access to it! 🙂

When will someone crack the SHA1, SHA2 and SHA3? Sooner or later, we will have enough processing potential that the way we encrypt/protect information today will become obsolete.