Computation Driven Art

Sometimes while browsing the internet, I have come across sites that make me sit up and pay attention. These sites are portals, not in the true sense of web-portals, rather they are portals to a different way of looking at things, or doing things.

I am talking about

It is a web site dedicated to computation driven digital art. Not necessarily restricted to static forms of computer generated images.

It opened my mind to looking at everyday things in a totally different way. To simplify complex systems into many simple smaller systems interacting together, their interaction governed by simple basic rules.

Almost intelligent.

There are the three related sites.

  1. Levitated | the Exploration of Computation –
  2. Gallery of Computation –
  3. Processing web site –

I’ve not linked the Processing site, as it was giving me a timeout. Perhaps a network hiccup, or load on their server.

The basic crux of such portals to alternate thought streams is the empowering of people to better visualize information leading to better interpretation and decision making. However, the main purpose of these sites are to let people have fun while getting important work done.

We humans are creatures mainly driven by visual stimulii. We evolved that way, we were not born with language and the ability to express complex and non-tangible thoughts. We sill need that stimulation of our visual cortex. It makes understanding so much easier. We can absorb volumes of information in a very short time when we leverage our ability to grasp things, ideas, concepts through visualization.