Google Chrome on Linux

Before I switched to Ubuntu, I had gotten kinda sorta used to using Google Chrome. I was using three browsers side-by-side. IE 7, Firefox 3 and Chrome.

I have keep hoping to find Chrome for Linux on the Google site, however it keeps telling me that it’s only for XP and Vista.


Having said that, it makes me ask this question. Why has Google not brought out a version for Linux? Google isn’t short on Linux expertise, then why only target Microsoft Platform.

Does Google feel that Linux is not mature enough, unified (in the sense of distributions and code base) enough to be worth the trouble to develop and maintain?

What is it?


About khansalmanahmad
A technology and solutions specialist who at times dabbles in philosophy. Is interested in learning new things. Gets really excited by and looks forward to "WOW" experience.

One Response to Google Chrome on Linux

  1. Yester-night I re-installed Google Chrome after some time, and I was wonderfully surprised to find that they now are offering Chrome for Linux.

    I guess I will start preparing for a final migration to *nix.

    Here’s the link.

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