Windows 8, 9 or 10

Microsoft Windows at the moment is based on a Monolithic architecture. *nix on the other hand are based on the Micro Kernel architecture. Recently I have been thinking what advantages would there be for Windows if it shifted to the Micro Kernel model?

The main advantage I see is that system will become more stable, and less efforts will go into updating it. It should also become more secure.

There are two tricks to this though.

1. The Windows experience we all have become so used to should not change at all.
2. It should still support all software for Vista and Windows 7.

The second part is more complex to handle and perhaps there could be dummy modules/interfaces that redirect application requests to new components under the new model.

Perhaps it is in the Road Map for Windows, I can’t say with certainty.


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3 Responses to Windows 8, 9 or 10

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  2. Alpha_Cluster says:

    Actually both Windows and Linux are really hybrid kernels these days (Windows more so actually since its got a small core really). The best known microkernels are actually Minix (That kernel that drove Linus so crazy he made Linux), GNU Herd and the L4 microkernel.

    Wikipedia lists Linux as Monolithic:
    and Windows as hybrid:

    The best future for kernels is looking more to be from exokernels. Though Microsoft is working on a microkernel called Singularity ( which looks very promising since its also all managed code which should be more stable in the long run.

    As for your two tricks they need to overcome I think we will see Microsoft overcome #2 with Virtualization in 8 or 9 so that they can make the kernel change that is needed. As for user experience that is all ui based really.

    Hope I don’t sound to rude.I just wanted to help you out with some corrections I find kernel history and future to be very interesting myself so I have done some research on it in the past.

  3. Not at all. You are not rude at all 🙂

    Thanks for the corrections. Really appreciate it.

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