Microsoft and Windows XP, VISTA and 7

We all have been using XP flavors since it came out, it has matured and become a stable platform. However, we have recently been given VISTA in it’s 5 flavors, and Windows 7 is due to launch sometime this year, or next year (2009/2010).

What happens to people who have switched to VISTA? Is this not a very short time Microsoft is giving to people between OS upgrades? Is it actually going to be worth it to switch to a new version of Windows.

I am using an old Dell laptop, the XP Professional I have is running perfect on it. I have successfully installed VISTA Ultimate (just for testing) on it, though it does not run the AERO theme. I didn’t understand that concept. Why couldn’t I get the Aero theme, because my Display adapter is too old. But hey, I was using the classic look anyways so that doesn’t matter.

Recently I also tried Windows 7 Beta, Build 7000. It was alright, again, no fancy shmancy themes that I could get. Thought the Task Bar was interesting, features was pretty alright. Had serious driver issues, and stability issues. Perhaps the stability issue was because of not having proper drivers.

Where is Windows trying to take it’s operating systems. I completely agree, user experience is a must, however, to what extent should this be the driving force for any product. When does “User Experience” start hindering “System Functionality”.

Will I be shifting to Windows 7 anytime soon? In short, No I will not shift to a Windows 7 or Windows VISTA. Windows XP Professional SP3 suites my needs perfectly.


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A technology and solutions specialist who at times dabbles in philosophy. Is interested in learning new things. Gets really excited by and looks forward to "WOW" experience.

2 Responses to Microsoft and Windows XP, VISTA and 7

  1. Alpha_Cluster says:

    Windows 7 is not really made for Windows XP computers but for computers that Vista was originally supposed to run on. I also agree Microsoft is guna have to look at what they are doing with upgrade/updates with how fast they are releasing. Personally I am hoping for Upgrades to be cheaper than in the past.

    • I agree totally, there is a reason why minimum system requirements are usually provided with software. My machine clearly does not qualify for the minimum.

      With Vista I can run it smoothly, I tried living with Vista Ultimate for a couple of months, got most of the drivers working also. I didn’t miss the Aero, as I was at the time still using the Windows Classic theme, I’m a big fan of it. I switched back to XP because of the support and applications available for it.

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