Google, Google, Google

We remember when Google launched for the general public. We heard it from our friends, “check this search engine out, it’s really cool, very fast, you’ll love it!” I remember when I was relying on MSN Search, and Yahoo Search, and Altavista, and Ask Jeeves, and a plethora of other search engines. Google was really refreshing.

Over time, Google search results have become almost a standard format for all search engines. Everyone wants to be as fast as Google is, and give better results than Google does. Google launched Ad-Words and Ad-Sense, two really effective revenue generating/sharing tools that have evolved over time.

Google didn’t say enough is enough, they pushed the products out. Gmail, we all wanted it, at a time of 1MB storage on Hotmail, we had an email service that gave us 1GB storage, gave us Labels, and gave us Conversation Threads. Again, it was simple, and lightning Fast. Then Google launched Google Talk.

Then Google launched Google Docs, and after launching a great number of applications, we got Google Chrome.

My main questions is.

When will I be able to download the ISO for Google GoOS (Google Operation System) from the Google Apps site?


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3 Responses to Google, Google, Google

  1. Alpha_Cluster says:

    When Google finally rebrands Ubuntu as GoOS or do you think its more likely to come out of android?

    • It is quite likely that such an operating system may have serious influences from Android. I would believe so. Also, it would be interesting to see how GoOS actually is rolled out into the market. Perhaps it will hit the Thin Clients or Laptops first, or maybe it will hit the desktops.

      I would most certainly like to see Google’s approach to the user experience also, as all their products have a simple, almost elegant user interface.

      Google has the expertise to architect such a product.

      The remaining question would be, what software will it support? Microsoft or Linux, or will it try to market it’s own equivalent products?

      Will Google become the next decade’s Microsoft?

  2. gOS by Good OS, this is the proposed operating system of the future.

    The claim on the footer of the home page states …

    Cloud and gOS are not affiliated with Google or their partners

    It is a Linux based operating system and they already have a Gigabyte notebook featured. is the gOS section of their web site.

    The reason I have this here and not in a different thread is that it feels more like they have a close relationship with Google, because the kind of support for Google Apps in the system.

    Will this be bought by Google and taken forward towards GoOS

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