Mobilink Speed Tests with Edge

The other day, I was at the workshop getting my car fixed, and instead of wasting time, I thought, might as well use my Nokia 6120 Classic as a modem and connect to the internet. I am a Mobilink subscriber since 1998 and have always had problems with their service. I guess I’m just lazy when it comes to changing.

Anyway, I connected using the Connect to Internet feature in the Nokia PC Suite. I am using Mobilink’s Rs. 500 GPRS package, it’s non-volume based.

Here are some images from two speed tests I did that day. + Mobilink - WAN (PPP-SLIP) Interface - 460 Kbps + Mobilink - WAN (PPP-SLIP) Interface - 460 Kbps

Speed Test #63467987 by
Run: 2008-12-24 00:14:21 EST
Download: 54 (Kbps)
Upload: 34 (Kbps)
In kilobytes per second: 6.6 down 4.1 up
Tested by server: 56 java
User: 2 @
User’s DNS: + Mobilink - WAN (PPP-SLIP) Interface - 460 Kbps + Mobilink - WAN (PPP-SLIP) Interface - 460 Kbps

I thought the speed was decent. I didn’t run any other analysis on it. There will probably be a bottle neck at the Mobilink gateways and servers and routers, I am sure of that. Perhaps next time, I will also put in trace route details for the two servers I ran speed test on.


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2 Responses to Mobilink Speed Tests with Edge

  1. Unregistered says:

    I’m using Warid Zahi Postpaid’s Unlimited GPRS/EDGE package@Rs.500+Tax/month, since the past 1 year..

    Looks like Warid’s EDGE speed is much better than Mobilinks. You should give it a try 🙂

    I took the test twice. Once by using London server, and second by using the Mumbai server.

    Here are Warid EDGE speedtest results:

    SERVER – London

    DOWNLOAD – 171 kb/s
    UPLOAD – 66 kb/s
    ISP – Warid Telecom is a GSM service Provider
    PING – 1307 ms
    DISTANCE – 3900 mi

    SERVER – Mumbai

    DOWNLOAD – 214 kb/s
    UPLOAD – 79 kb/s
    ISP – Warid Telecom is a GSM service Provider
    PING – 1207 ms
    DISTANCE – 550 mi

  2. Usman Afzal says:

    I am using ZoNG prepaid Unlimited EDGE package @ Rs.400 +Tax/ month, since May 2008. And Warid user, please check EDGE network speed at peak hours (not 4:30AM morning:)). Here are ZoNG EDGE speed tests:

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