How to Run a Country

There are a number of ways people can run their country. There is Democracy, Aristrocracy, Dictatorships, and Communism, just to name a few.

What is the best way to run “a” country. How does one decide on which option one should pick? Do we just go with the flow and pick the most common way of running a country? Do we look at our culture and society and economics and natural resources and decide what is the best way to run our country? Do we let other countries – successful countries – decide what method we should follow?

Basically, I think it would be worth investigating a system where everyone in the country is responsible and accountable for the stability, well-being, success and failures of the country.

On paper, I guess it sounds too good to be true? and is definitely easier said than actually done?

In Pakistan, how does one hold every single individual responsible and accountable for the nation. Responsibility requires awareness of the person’s role in the nation as a whole. That awareness comes from the person being educated in some manner or the other in the matter at hand.

There are other aspects included in this also. A Great many aspects. Everyone has their own perspective on this subject.

I guess when we talk about Pakistan and the Government of Pakistan and any other civil office of Pakistan, we automatically assume that the situation is impossible and nothing can be done here. Best to leave it alone.

Pakistan seems to have developed a habit of swinging between bouts of democracy and dictatorships.

It is sad to see the current state of affairs!


About khansalmanahmad
A technology and solutions specialist who at times dabbles in philosophy. Is interested in learning new things. Gets really excited by and looks forward to "WOW" experience.

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