Rainbow Arc in the Morning – Again

What is the likelyhood of this happening within one week ??

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These I have not scaled. I’ve added the original and the one edited to enhance the colors. I almost missed this one. Again, around the same time as last one, around 0815 Hrs in the morning, on 29 November, 2008. Just three days apart.

The first is the original, cropped 96 pixels from the right side of the image, removing part of the pillar that was coming in the way. The second is edited using Gimp, same as in the earlier post. I first saturated the image 100 percent, then moved contrast up 50 and reduced brightness to 50. I think it enhanced the colors at bit.

Morning Rainbow II

Morning Rainbow II

Morning Rainbow II - Edited (Saturation +100; Contrast +50; Brightness -50)

Morning Rainbow II - Edited (Saturation +100; Contrast +50; Brightness -50)


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3 Responses to Rainbow Arc in the Morning – Again

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  2. DHA says:

    Nice pics. Just got me wondering about our perspective on things. When it rains, we tend to take pics of the rainbow or droplets of water or kids playing in the rain. But what about the others things that are going on doing the rain? Now I’m not sure what else happens doing a rainstorm but I’m sure there is something that should be equally interesting and exotic. Maybe it’s about seeing the glass half-empty of half-full… or maybe I’m tired cause it’s almost time to go home.

    • I don’t think it’s a matter of people taking pictures when it rains, or after it rains, or before it rains. when I took these pictures, it wasn’t raining at all, it was a dry spell. So the phenomenon was interesting.

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