Rainbow Arc in the Morning

Today in the morning, around 8 in the morning, my daughter, son and myself were standing besides my car waiting for it to warm up. The morning was not as cold as I would have thought it would be for the middle of november. When, while looking around, I noticed something really amazing. It was a small arc of a rainbow in the clouds.

The really interesting thing about this is that, it has not rained in quite a while now. I guess you had to be there.

I just had to take a picture and share it.

The original image is 1600×1200 so I reduced the size. I then couldn’t resist fiddling with it, and hence the second picture. The picture was taken with the 2.0 Mega-Pixel main camera from my Nokia 6210 6120 Classic. The picture was scaled and some filters applied using Gimp for windows.


Rainbow arc in the Clouds, left of the Sun

Rainbow arc in the Clouds, left of the Sun

Manipulated Rainbow arc in the Clouds

Manipulated Rainbow arc in the Clouds

See Also: https://khansalmanahmad.wordpress.com/2008/12/01/rainbow-arc-in-the-morning-again/


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3 Responses to Rainbow Arc in the Morning

  1. Unregistered says:

    Really nice pic. You were lucky to have been able to capture it.

    Dude, a little typo in your post. You have a Nokia 6120 Classic, not 6210 😛

    Mega huge difference between both the phones.

    The Nokia 6210 Navigator is a Slider with:
    2.4″ Display,
    Symbian S60 3rd Edition FP2,
    3.15 MegaPixel Autofocus Camera with Flash,
    Built-In GPS Receiver,
    Accelerometer rotation,
    Digital Compass,
    FM Stereo Radio, etc.

    Read more about the specs here:

    Review here:

  2. Thanks for the correction. I’ve corrected the error that you pointed out. And yes, your previous post went into spam. 🙂

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