Java Client for Skype by Skype on Nokia 6120 Classic

Something kinda fun and exciting I did today.

I was in a text-only conference on Skype today. It was a really interesting one, however, I need to take a break and stretch my legs. I was in a predicament, what to do, how to excuse myself from an important meeting just to stretch my legs. That wouldn’t reflect too good on my so called professionalism.

So I did the next best thing, I logged into Skype using the Skype Java Client on my Nokia 6120 Classic. It loaded the conversations I was already in. I am using Mobilink’s GPRS service, and at the moment i was not inside their Edge coverage area. There was a bit of load time for the conversations to load.

Once they were loaded, I stepped away from the desk, had coffee, had conversations with my co-workers and a short walk to straighten my back, while all the time stayed in the Skype meeting.

The best thing was that they didn’t even know.

It was almost like I was cheating on the meeting.

On the flip side of it, perhaps they were all doing the same 😉


About khansalmanahmad
A technology and solutions specialist who at times dabbles in philosophy. Is interested in learning new things. Gets really excited by and looks forward to "WOW" experience.

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