Random Thoughts – Three Questions Times Five

There are so many questions that come to my mind. Perhaps this is a way to just put them out there. I can’t really say for sure, if there are answers to these, but these are questions that do come to my mind.

I’ll keep posting such questions in the future. Perhaps I’ll get answers, perhaps I wont. Only the future will tell.

  1. Where is the human race going to be in 50 years or another 100 years?
  2. Where are we headed?
  3. Are we going to self-destruct one day?
  4. Are we going to eventually do away with petty nature of our nature?
  5. What is the penultimate goal of the human race?
  6. Are we on a whole no better than an ant farm?
  7. Does humanity have a destiny?
  8. Are we traveling blind headlong into the future?
  9. Do we fall back on our own personal religions for reassurance?
  10. What is the actual truth of our discontent?
  11. Will nature kill us off – naturally evolved super bug?
  12. Will humans evolve into some more advanced species?
  13. How many truths are in our myths?
  14. How many myths are in our truths?
  15. Are the previous two questions related?

About khansalmanahmad
A technology and solutions specialist who at times dabbles in philosophy. Is interested in learning new things. Gets really excited by and looks forward to "WOW" experience.

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