Cars, Cars and Cars

Options for Title:
1. Cars – Question of Statement
2. Machines – Master or Servant
3. Customized Cars
4. My Automotive FantasyWhat is it about cars? Since the beginning after the first cars were built as expensive toys for the “richest kids” who “didn’t know what to do with their money”. The automotive industry has come a long long long way to today, where potentially anyone can own a car. And the cars we can own? Boy do we have an unlimited choice or what!

The choices out there give us a possibility to own, big cars, little cars, fast cars, slow cars, cars with three wheels, cars with six wheels, cars that make you drool, cars that make you cringe, quiet cars, noisy cars, flashy cars, boring cars … and the choices just don’t stop.

Please, I’m not complaining, I’m in awe of the whole industry.

My question is, what is it about cars? Why are some of us are attracted to a “more than normal” level to cars?

I personally love cars. I don’t know exactly what is it about them that I love? I guess this is because I am thinking maybe if I do put down my thoughts in words, I’ll maybe be closer to discovering why I am attracted to cars.

Perhaps it’s because of the romanticism created about them through the entertainment and infotainment media. Or maybe, perhaps it’s all about freedom, being able to get in and drive off and discovering new places and people. Maybe I am looking for something missing in my life that I don’t know. Maybe it allows me to get away from things. It could be what we call wanter-lust. Personally, since I remember, I have always been attracted to cars, jeeps or trucks, motorcycles, high performance airplanes. Maybe it’s because its mechanical attraction. A machine that men and women created that can serve us for as long as it can.

Or do we serve our machines, by making sure the lubricant, coolant and fuel levels are at the optimum, by making sure it’s shiny and squeaky clean, by accessorizing them with sound systems and gadgets and wheels and a plethora of things we can get our hands on off the shelf.

But then, there are those few people, who have taken their love for automotive customization to the next level, they have established small companies whose sole purpose is to modify the car, to make it better, faster, shiner than it was ever before.

What prompted me to write this is the unnaturally amazing cars that are shown in movies, take Gone in 60 Seconds for example. The automotive wow-factor was off the scale in that one. Specially the real star of that show, Elenore. This car actually exists, was designed and developed by Unique Performance. Then there was that monster – every big boy’s fantasy – the gotta have, Batmobile from Batman, no I don’t mean the fins and things that goes 27 Miles per hour. I’m talking about the truck extensively featured in the latest. How about the cars from the new Transformers? My favorite from this movie is the 2009 Chevrolet Camaro, man who designed this?

Who actually comes up with these cars? Why are we infected with the want to have and tinker and spend time with it, love it, care for it? Why do we want to put turbo chargers, inter-coolers, Nitrous Oxide? Why do we want to install flashy large wheels and put the widest possible tires on it? Why do we want the loudest and bass-iest sound systems? Why do we feel the need to put racing stripes and decals on them? What drives us to do that?I am no psychologist, but, I guess it’s got to do with drawing attention to the opposite gender. That’s gotta be one of the answers. But, then there are people out there, who will take your car, rip it to it’s base parts, refine and redefine them, cajole and coerce them, make them look totally different and the same, do they do this to attract the opposite gender? Or is there a deeper more emotional connection here?

Here’s a recurring fantasy of mine … hang on to your nickers!! It’s about building a car.

I actually own a 1987 Suzuki Swift. It’s got three bangers (thats cylinders in English), displaces just under 1 Liter, front wheel drive 5 speed stick shift. What I want to do is, rip everything off it, Redesign the undercarriage, rear and front suspensions for a smoother and sporty, find a small V4 or V6 in it, a racing gearbox, rear wheel drive. Then I get to the body. I am thinking, keeping the lines as close to original, with just a hint of muscle (performance) showing. Then comes the paint job, it will not be flashy yellow, orange red or anything that grabs the eye, rather it will be subtle, mature, with racing stripes in shadow colors. Lights will be custom designed projections in front, the rear lights will be LEDs. Now to talk about the interior. The interior has to be modernized, to match the new exterior. Custom designed dashboard and control panel, replacing all sliders with twist knobs, good quality materials, perhaps leather (or imitation leather to keep costs lower), good comfortable seats, a good sound system, two speakers at back four in the doors and two in the dash.

Now the seed of my fantasy are shows like, Overhauling with Chip Foose (also check out his designs on the Foose Gallery page. Honestly, I love all the shows I come across the Discovery Channel, but, this one is my favorite, and Chip Foose is an inspiration. I like the way he designs cars. At times I think I should make a short video of my car and send it to him, then I think, but I’m half way across the world. On the other hand, I want to do it myself, but, I lack the resources, both in expertise and finances to pull this off without it being a waste of money.

I guess I can just do what I do, and hope that one day I could own a Chip Foose Design.


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A technology and solutions specialist who at times dabbles in philosophy. Is interested in learning new things. Gets really excited by and looks forward to "WOW" experience.

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